Cumartesi, Aralık 24, 2011

Blogger Discovery: 79 Ideas

Very inspiring blogger from Prague, she's collecting all the beautiful and creative photographs mostly on decoration, but also all the other pretty things from all over the world.

From her own words, to give an idea of who she is:
an incorrigible optimist! I love cappuccino, softball, typography, decoration, fashion, design, handmade stuff and A LOT more. For me there is nothing better than having a nice calm Sunday with my family.

I have a master’s degree in History, but I work as a graphic designer and one good sunny day when I grow up I will be a photo stylist.

Every day I see so many pretty things in the Internet – interiors, art, fashion, styling, decoration … so I’ve decided to create “79 ideas” as a place where to collect all these lovely things which I discover. And that’s why one day after many many years my blog will be the most beautiful blog in the world :) 

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